Documents Relating to William and Hannah Ecker

Parents and Siblings of William Jakob and Juliana Rosina (Fischer) Ecker.
Family Register No. 43.  Also: Parents marriageFather's death.
Birth Record of William Born in Unterreichenbach 1840. Also his cousin Rosina Catharina Ecker.
Confirmation Record- William 1854 Unterreichenbach
Williams Immigration Records Würtemberg Emigration Index and Passenger list from 1854.
William's Civil War Records These are the compiled military records showing his places of service and record of his capture by the Confederates. (748 KB PDFfile)
William's Civil War Pension Records These are the records from the National Archives documenting the process whereby William had to document his service and his family relationships.  Wonderful stuff.  Very large file (54 pages; 8.8MB PDF. Do not try if you have dial-up connection.) You may wish to download the file directly rather than viewing it in your browser: i.e. right click. I reduced the size of the file as far as I could to preserve readability. If you still have trouble with some pages, contact me. (I already copied the birth, marriage, and death certificates and posted them elsewhere on these pages in good resolution.)
Marriage Record 1864 (Church) German Church in Newark, NJ
Marriage Record 1864 (Civil) Newark, NJ
Newark Church Records Abraham Wilhelm acts as godparent and witness.
Newark City Directories From 1900 and 1910. The Eckers of Newark City.
Albany City Directory 1870s Evidence that William and Hannah lived there.
Death Certificate- William 1892 Newark, NJ
Death Certificate- Hannah 1926 Roseland, NJ
Birth Record Frederick Christian Ecker Son of William and Hannah born Albany, NY in 1871.
1880 Census An important new discovery I missed until recently.
1900 Census  
1910 Census  
1920 Census  
Hannah's Appplication for Pension Newark, NJ
Pension Letter written by Hannah East Orange, NJ
Index to Oldest Family Registers Church Books, Unterreichenbach
Paternal Grandparents of William Johannes and Gottliebin (Kraut) Ecker.
Family Register 170 Old Series (1619-1807)
Paternal Great Grandparents of William Johannes & Anna Barbara (Müller) Ecker.
Family Register 114 Old Series
Paternal Great Great Grandparents of William Jakob & Maria Catharina (?Kohler) Ecker.
Family Register 82 Old Series
Paternal 3G Grandparents of William Hans Georg & Anna Barbara (?Straubin) Ecker.
Family Register LV Old Series
Paternal 4G Grandparents of William Martin Ecker and Maria Magdalena Knorr
Family Register from Hallwangen. (My 8G Grandparents.)
Henery N. Squire and Family- 1850 Hannah's father, mother, and siblings. 1850 census.